Lingua Asiatic is a mobile value added service provider

Specializing in mobile entertainment and mobile solutions. We offers diverse popular contents such as high-quality Indonesian music, mobile games, celebrity and models photos – videos, dating apps and many more locally produced contents to suit the local market trend in Indonesia.

  • We aim to entertain millions of mobile subscribers in Indonesia by constantly providing the latest in-trend mobile contents directly to them.
  • We own exclusive right with popular celebrities and models to develop and distribute mobile contents. Our consumers pay for content and services on their mobile devices via Direct Carrier Telco Billing.
  • We are connected to all operators in Indonesia, namely Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Three and Smartfren.


We have very strong contents that will be irresistible for consumers because it is fun, unique and exciting contents.


We establish a strong network to support our platforms and applications.


We conduct a communicative marketing and promotions, advertised on the right points and right channel with the right dosage to create awareness, word of mouth and generate high sales and profits.

Professional Service

We focus intensely on our operational phases; content creation, content aggregation, content marketing and content distribution. These efforts are to ensure the quality and creativity of our content, as well as th efficiency and effectiveness of marketing & promotion channels that we applied.


We offer range of products and services that help our customers and clients meet their demands.

Mobile Content/Services Portal.

Content Aggregation and Digtial Payment Enable 3rd Party content owners to deliver content and monetize via Direct Carrier Billing.

Offers Mobile Application development services. We have developed Games, CRM Banking, Lifestyle News, Etc.